Wood Storage Sheds:

Bird Boyz Builders warrants to the original purchaser, that any of Bird Boyz Builders manufactured wood storage shed and shed kits are free of material and workmanship defects upon delivery and will repair or replace any components that do not provide reasonable service under normal use, for a period of one year from the date of purchase as long as the building remains on its original construction site. Correction by repair or replacement of materials or workmanship in your Bird Boyz Builders product which our examination shall disclose to our satisfaction to be defective shall constitute fulfillment of all liabilities of Bird Boyz Builders under this warranty. In order for this warranty to be valid, all exposed surfaces must be painted within one hundred twenty days (120) of delivery (proof of painted storage shed required). Bird Boyz Builders shall not be liable for any installation costs, repainting of replaced parts, or for the natural characteristics of some wood to split, warp, or twist.

The warranty printed above is the only warranty applicable for this purchase. All other warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are hereby disclaimed. Bird Boyz Builders shall have no liability for special, incidental, or consequential damages. Bird Boyz Builders does not assume and does not authorize any other person to assume for it any other liability in connection with the sale of this Bird Boyz Builders storage sheds.

The warranty printed above shall not apply to any Bird Boyz Builders product or any part thereof which has been subject to misuse, alteration, negligence, or accident, or which has been damaged by fire, flood, water, earthquake, earth movement, hail, wind, adverse weather conditions, or events, vandalism, theft, act of God, or other event or casualty which is customarily covered by homeowners’ insurance. Bird Boyz Builders makes no warranties whatsoever with respect to accessories or parts not supplied by it where the supplier or manufacturer of materials incorporated into a Bird Boyz Builders product has warranties in such materials which exceed that set forth above.

Bird Boyz Builders assumes no liability there under and the buyer must assert any claim under such warranties against such supplier or manufacturer. The terms “Original Purchaser” and “Buyer”, as used in this warranty, shall mean that person for whom the Bird Boyz Builders product is originally named on the Purchase Agreement.

The buyer acknowledges that no other representations were made to or relied upon by him or her with respect to the quality or function of goods herein sold.


Due to the weight of your building, natural settling may occur over a period of time and it may become necessary to re-level the building. This limited warranty does not include re-leveling.


This Bird Boyz Builders warranty does not cover cracking, peeling, or pitting concrete, if a concrete footing is purchased, regardless of when it occurs.

Site preparation: Bird Boyz Builders is not responsible for the leveling or site preparation, unless otherwise indicated on the Purchase Agreement.


  • All dimensions are approximate.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • An additional fee may apply if we must pack materials more then 100’.
  • Kits are driveway way delivery.
  • Bird Boyz Builders does not excavate or fill building sites.
  • Bird Boyz Builders will verify the building placement with the owners, once it is placed moving the building will result in an additional charge.


In order to meet the requirements of the 1-year warranty, Bird Boyz Builders requires that the customer paint or stain the shed within one hundred twenty (120) days of delivery, including doors. Additionally, the customer is required to caulk nails and trim.
NOTE: Some trim materials on certain buildings may not be primed. Painting and caulking are NOT included in the shed purchase — they are the sole responsibility of the customer.


Now offering an extended warranty for our sheds.

5 year Limited Warranty!!

Includes within 5 years up to:

One door replacement

One warped trim replacement

One shed leveling

A transferable warranty (covers the purchaser of your property) the shed must remain in its original location.

We are offering this extended warranty for only $299.

A trip charge will be charged for each trip to do extended warranty work that is more then 25 miles from our office.